Looking for tips to stay productive in summer? If you find your productivity taking a nosedive at this time of year, you are not alone. In fact, the so-called “summer productivity slump” is believed to affect a surprisingly large amount of people.

And it’s easy to see why. If you’re staring out the window at a warm summer scene, productivity is probably quite far down the priority list. Nobody wants to be cooped up behind a desk while others play outside. So, how do you ensure you get the important tasks done during these tempting months?

Luckily, there are several steps you can take as a leader to ensure your business doesn’t miss a beat during the dog days of summer. Below, we’ve rounded up five easy to implement tips for staying productive in summer.

Hold Meetings Outside

The sun is beating down outside while you and your team are cooped up in a meeting room. Nobody enjoys a scenario like this, so why not move your meetings to the great outdoors? If there’s a park or outdoor seating area near your place of business, bring the team outside. This more casual setting can spark a more relaxed attitude among your team and even get the creative suggestions flowing! There’s also the increase in Vitamin D and endorphins you’ll enjoy.

More Flexible Hours

Granting your employees leeway with their hours of work can cut down on absenteeism and increase their morale. A growing number of businesses are employing progressive models such as the 9/80 schedule during the summer months, allowing staff greater time off, while still ensuring required work is carried out. With rising fuel costs and commute times, schedules such as these can prove valuable to your employees’ work-life balance and their wallet.

Set Deadlines

It’s difficult to remain focused without a clear deadline in sight, especially when you’re feeling the lure of a sun-kissed patio. Set yourself achievable deadlines for projects and share them with your employees. Encourage your staff to hold you accountable and ask you how the work is progressing. It’s been proven time and again that an accountability partner is a powerful driver for achievement.

Switch Off

Hands up, who has their work email or Slack account attached to their personal phone? When you are away from the workplace it’s crucial to switch off and enjoy some time to yourself. Resist the temptation to respond to work emails. Giving yourself some time to recharge will see you return to work refreshed and feeling productive.

Start Your Day Right

Across a multi-year Harvard study, progress was proven to be the top motivator of performance. Use this positive feedback loop to compel yourself to get things done. Get the ball rolling each morning by completing one important task. Resist the temptation to surf the web or daydream while looking out the window. Starting your day on a note of positivity can provide momentum to keep you rolling until it’s time to go home.

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