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Population by Age

46,851 residents live in the Cambie residential catchment area. Primarily working professionals, the dominant age range is 30-34. The population has grown 17% from 2011-2016, triple the growth of Vancouver (4.6%) and significantly higher than Metro Vancouver (6.5%)

Language & Ethnic Origin

The Cambie market area has a higher proportion of residents reporting Western European or Canadian origins compared to the city and region. As a result, over 80% of residents identify English as the language spoken most often in the home.

Family Structure

54% of local households are families, proportionately fewer than Vancouver (57%) and Metro Vancouver (71%). This is reflected in the average number of persons per household (2.0) which is below the averages of Vancouver (2.2) and Metro Vancouver (2.5)

Education & Occupation

Cambie residents are highly educated, with 34% attaining a Bachelor’s degree, and 21% achieving a university education above the bachelor level. The most common occupations for local residents are in business, finance and administration (17%) and sales and service (17%)

Income & Spending

Home to wealthy working residents, the dominant household income in the Cambie market area is above $200,000. More than 39% of households have annual incomes above $100,000, higher than Vancouver (31%) and Metro Vancouver (35%).


Cambie Village offers a mix of old and new commercial buildings. Primarily C-2 and C-2C (68%), the zoning encourages pedestrian-oriented businesses that serve local and city-wide needs. 100% of the current business floor space in the BIA is licensed as commercial.


85% of all dwellings in the Cambie market area are apartments, higher than Vancouver (80%) and Metro Vancouver (58%). Likely due to the implementation of the Canada Line SkyTrain, 31% of housing in the BIA was built after 2001, higher than Vancouver (23%) and Metro Vancouver (27%).


Cambie Village is one of Vancouver's most accessible BIA's thanks to the presence of the Canada Line SkyTrain.

Business Mix

The Cambie Village BIA is home to 317 businesses. An array of big box retailers and small boutique shops make Cambie a diverse destination for residents and shoppers. Retail (30%) and food service (25%) comprise most of businesses in the BIA.

Commercial Business Size

The Cambie BIA is primarily composed of micro businesses (54%) and small businesses (31%). Despite the presence of several big box retailers, large businesses only comprise 5% of the total.


Lease rates vary from $28-$35 per sq. ft. for office and $55 per sq. ft. for retail. Vacancy rates are low for office and commercial.