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Population by Age

40,159 people live in the Collingwood catchment area. Their age distribution closely matches that of Vancouver. A quarter of residents are aged 20-34 and the dominant age range is 25-29 years.

Language & Ethnic Origin

While English is the most common household language for Collingwood residents, it is spoke by less than half of households (45.2%), much lower than for Vancouver (66.4%) and Metro Vancouver (66.5%). A majority of Collingwood area residents identify with Chinese ancestry (44%).

Family Structure

73% of Collingwood households contain families, significantly higher than Vancouver (57%) but close to Metro Vancouver (71%). As a result, the average number of persons per household (2.9) is higher than both city (2.2) and region (2.5).

Education & Occupation

The dominant level of education for Collingwood residents is a high school certificate, with 31% having attained this level. Sales & service occupations are most common in this area (35%), higher than Vancouver and Metro Vancouver (both 24%).

Income & Spending

The average annual expenditure per household in the Collingwood market area ($70,239) is lower than Vancouver ($84,710) and Metro Vancouver ($87,106). In percentage terms, Collingwood households spend more on food, shelter and transportation (48% of expenditures) than Vancouver (43%).


The BIA has two types of zoning C-2 and CD-1. Primarily C-2 (92%), the zoning is intended to provide for pedestrian-oriented commercial establishments that cater to the needs of a local neighbourhood and to provide for dwelling uses that are compatible with commercial use. The total assessed value of properties in the BIA is $466,692,200.


There are 14,710 dwellings in the BIA catchment area, of which 81% are apartment dwellings and 16% are detached homes. Collingwood has a much newer housing stock than average for the city or region. Most dwellings (53%) have been constructed since 1990. As well, most residents are homeowners (58%).


The Expo Line SkyTrain route runs just north of the BIA and the Joyce-Collingwood SkyTrain Station is easily accessible by foot.

Business Mix

Collingwood is home to 330 businesses. Primarily small, independent shops and services, the dominant business type is retail, which accounts for 28% of businesses in the BIA; higher than Vancouver (18%) and Metro Vancouver (10%)

Commercial Business Size

Collingwood BIA is primarily comprised of micro and small businesses. 71% of businesses in the area have fewer than 5 employees, and an additional 25% of businesses have between 5 to 20 employees.


Lease rates are in the range of $20 per square foot for ground level commercial; $11 for office (plus applicable triple net).