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Population by Age

A total of 28,529 residents live in the Commercial Drive catchment area. A fast-growing neighbourhood, it has seen population growth of 9.4%, nearly double Vancouver (4.6%) and Metro Vancouver (6.5%). The dominant age group is 30-34.

Language & Ethnic Origin

English is the dominant language spoken in the home by Commercial Drive area residents (82.6%); this is significantly higher than Vancouver (66.4%) and Metro Vancouver (66.5%). 80% of residents reported Western European heritage.

Family Structure

Reflecting the younger demographic that live here, only 47% of Commercial Drive households are comprised of families. This is much lower than Vancouver (57%) and Metro Vancouver (71%). The average number of persons per household is 2.0.

Education & Occupation

The most common education level attained by Commercial Drive residents is tied between high school certificate (23%) and Bachelor’s degree (23%). In total, 41% of residents have some university education, which is slightly below the city (43%) but higher than the region (34%).

Income & Spending

The most common household income for Commercial Drive residents is $50,000 to $59,999 per year. This is substantially lower than Vancouver and Metro Vancouver (both $100,000 to $124,999). As a result, the average annual expenditure per household ($65,675) is lower than the city ($84,710) and region ($87,106).


The Drive can accommodate most business types thanks to six separate zoning designations. 100% of the floor space in the BIA is licensed for commercial use.


Most Commercial Drive area residents are renters (64%) as compared to Vancouver (53%) and Metro Vancouver (36%). Apartments are the dominant type of housing (85%), slightly higher than Vancouver (80%) and much higher than Metro Vancouver (58%).


The Drive is home to one of Vancouver's largest transit hubs, Commercial-Broadway SkyTrain Station. For outdoor sports and recreation, Trout Lake is a popular destination.

Business Mix

Commercial Drive BIA is home to 497 businesses, an increase of 8% from 2011-2016. Retail, accommodation & food service, and health care & social assistance businesses comprise 82% of all businesses within the BIA. This is significantly higher than Vancouver (40%) and Metro Vancouver (27%).

Commercial Business Size

A strong home for small business, 57% of all businesses in the BIA are classified as “micro businesses” with fewer than five employees. 36% of businesses have 5-20 employees, while 7% have 21-50 employees.


Commercial Drive’s proximity to the downtown core and access to major transit lines is reflected in mid-range lease rates for local businesses. These fall anywhere between $30 and $50 per sq. ft.