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Population by Age

22,221 people live in the Dunbar Village BIA catchment area. Unique to Vancouver BIAs, Dunbar’s share of residents aged 20-34 is just 17%. This is significantly lower than Vancouver (27%) and Metro Vancouver (22%).

Language & Ethnic Origin

While English is the dominant household language (72.8%), the usage of Mandarin in the home (13.3%) is significantly higher than Vancouver (4.8%) and Metro Vancouver (5.7%). The largest single reported heritage in the BIA is Chinese (33%), higher than Vancouver (28%) and Metro Vancouver (21%).

Family Structure

A family oriented neighbourhood, 80% of households are families. This figure is significantly higher than Vancouver (57%) and Metro Vancouver (71%). As a result, the average number of persons per household (2.9) is higher than both city (2.2) and region (2.5).

Education & Occupation

57% of Dunbar Village BIA area residents have some form of university education, well above Vancouver (43%) and Metro Vancouver (34%). The most common occupations for residents are in education, law, social, community and government (20%), and management (18%).

Income & Spending

A wealthy neighbourhood, more than 37% of households’ annual incomes exceed $150,000. This is significantly higher than Vancouver (16%) and Metro Vancouver (17%). Average individual incomes are also significantly higher ($79,907) compared to the city ($65,327) and region ($72,662).


The entire Dunbar BIA is zoned as C-2, which emphasizes pedestrian oriented and local commercial development. 100% of floor space is licensed for commercial use.


The dominant type of housing in the Dunbar market area is single-detached homes (63%), much higher than that of Vancouver (15%) and Metro Vancouver (29%). A large majority (79%) own their own homes and almost half of the area’s housing was built prior to 1960 (47%).


Dunbar BIA is close to five parks: Pacific Spirit Park, Camosun Park, Chaldecott Park, Memorial West Park and Musqueam Park. The 99 B-Line provides rapid access to the rest of the city.

Business Mix

Dunbar Village is home to 200 businesses. Retail is a heavy presence in the BIA (32%), much higher than Vancouver (18%) and Metro Vancouver (10%). Over 80% of Dunbar businesses are made up of retail, health care and social assistance, and accommodation and food service business types.

Commercial Business Size

Small business is big business in Dunbar. In fact, 98% of all businesses in the BIA employ less than 50 people. The BIA’s largest employers are Save-on-Foods, Stong’s Market and Shoppers Drug Mart.


There are currently 200 businesses operating in the Dunbar BIA. The transition to higher density in future will create opportunities for a grocery store, cafes, bakery and other services designed for the influx of new residents.