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Population by Age

A total of 63,755 residents live within the East Village BIA catchment area. The dominant age group is 30-34 years of age, and the population has grown 5% from 2011-2016. This figure is in line with Vancouver (4.6%) and Metro Vancouver (6.5%).

Language & Ethnic Origin

English is the dominant language used by residents (70.4%), followed by Cantonese (13.2%), which is higher than both Vancouver (9.7%) and Metro Vancouver (5.4%). Reflecting the area’s history, proportionately more residents speak Italian at home (1.2%). The most common ethnic origin reported by residents is Chinese (29%).

Family Structure

59% of households in the area are families, a figure closely matching Vancouver (57%) but much lower than Metro Vancouver (71%). Household sizes within the East Village (2.4 persons) are larger than typical for Vancouver (2.2 persons).

Education & Occupation

20% of East Village area residents have a Bachelor’s Degree, which is proportionately lower than Vancouver (26%) but equal to Metro Vancouver (20%). The highest education attained by residents of the BIA is predominantly a High School Certificate (27%).

Income & Spending

The dominant household income among East Village area residents is $100,000-$124,999. However, 33% of residents report household income of less than $40,000 per year. The average annual expenditure per household ($72,099) is lower than both Vancouver and Metro Vancouver.


The East Village has Vancouver’s most diverse zoning, with seven zoning types. 58% of the BIA’s floor space is dedicated to industrial use, while the remaining 42% is commercial space.


The dominant dwelling type in the East Village is apartments (76%), which is lower than Vancouver (80%) but significantly higher than Metro Vancouver (58%). The housing stock is older here, with significantly fewer developments since 2001 (14%) than Vancouver (23%) and Metro Vancouver (27%).


As one of the city's main arterial routes, East Hastings is well connected via multiple bus routes.

Business Mix

575 businesses operate in the East Village. The dominant business type is retail (29%) and accommodation & food service (16%), both significantly higher than Vancouver and Metro Vancouver. The BIA is home to 11 local breweries and distilleries.

Commercial Business Size

55% of East Village businesses are classified as micro (less than five employees) and 34% as small businesses (5 to 20 employees). In the last 10 years, the area has seen an increase in the number of medium and large sized businesses.


Lease rates are low to average, at $12-$26 per sq. ft. The area provides a growing area for restaurants and retail businesses looking to escape the high lease rates of downtown Vancouver.