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Population by Age

A total of 22,314 people live in the Kerrisdale residential catchment area. A popular area for families and seniors, Kerrisdale has more young children (21%) than Vancouver (16%) and more residents aged 65+ (21%) than Vancouver (16%).

Language & Ethnic Origin

Chinese is the dominant ethnic origin reported by Kerrisdale area residents (42%), well above Vancouver (28%) and Metro Vancouver (21%). Mandarin is the second most used language in the home (15.7%), behind English, much higher than Vancouver (4.8%) and Metro Vancouver (5.7%).

Family Structure

69% of Kerrisdale catchment area households are comprised of families, higher than Vancouver (57%) but below Metro Vancouver (71%). The employment rate in Kerrisdale (49%) is much lower than Vancouver (64%) and Metro Vancouver (62%) suggesting the area is home to a higher proportion of single-income families and early retired individuals.

Education & Occupation

Kerrisdale is a well-educated community. More than half of residents have some university education (52%) compared to Vancouver (43%) and Metro Vancouver (43%). The dominant occupation for Kerrisdale residents is in business, finance and administration (20%), higher than the city and region (both 16%).

Income & Spending

More than 26% of Kerrisdale households have a total annual income that exceeds $150,000. This is significantly higher than the figure for Vancouver (16%) and Metro Vancouver (17%). As a result, the average total expenditure per household is $135,833, much higher than Vancouver ($84,710) and Metro Vancouver ($87,106).


Mostly consisting of small, older single-storey commercial units, Kerrisdale has two zoning types: C-2 (99%) and CD-1 (1%). Of the 57,600 sq. ft. of floor space in the BIA, 95% is used for commercial and 5% for industrial.


Unlike other apartment-heavy neighborhood areas, Kerrisdale’s housing mix is much more evenly distributed. Single detached homes represent 44% of all dwellings, with apartments representing 54%. Just 15% of Kerrisdale housing was built since 2001, much lower than Vancouver (23%) and Metro Vancouver (27%).


A recent development, the Arbutus Greenway runs north-south through the heart of the BIA. The Kerrisdale Community Centre and indoor pool also offers a valuable local resource, while the broader catchment area also includes Cyclone Taylor Arena and the Kerrisdale Library.

Business Mix

There are a total of 366 businesses operating in Kerrisdale. Primarily small, independent shops and services, the dominant business types are retail (29%) and health care & social assistance (20%). Business sectors on the rise include real estate and rental leasing (100% increase from 2011-2016).

Commercial Business Size

Kerrisdale is a hub of small business activity, with 98% of all businesses employing less than 50 staff. The BIA’s largest employers are London Drugs, McDonalds Restaurant and Golden Oceans Seafood Restaurant.


Leasing opportunities are low in Kerrisdale, however several businesses and buildings are listed for sale. Lease rates are typically around $48 per sq. ft. for ground floor retail.