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Population by Age

16,477 people live in the Marpole catchment area. The dominant age group is 50-54, and the area has experienced a 7% growth rate from 2011-2016. This is higher than Vancouver (4.6%) and Metro Vancouver (6.5%).

Language & Ethnic Origin

Mandarin is second most common language used at home (12.0%), next to English. This figure is significantly higher than Vancouver (4.8%) and Metro Vancouver (5.7%). Chinese is the largest single ethnic origin for BIA residents (40%), while Marpole also has a higher share of Filipino residents (10%) compared to Vancouver and Metro Vancouver (both 6%).

Family Structure

Of the 7,575 households in the Marpole area, 56% are households with families. The average number of persons per household is 2.4, which is higher than Vancouver (2.2) and lower than Metro Vancouver (2.5).

Education & Occupation

The most common education level attained by Marpole area residents is a high school certificate (29%). However, 42% have at least some university education. The most common occupation is in sales & service (27%), higher than Vancouver and Metro Vancouver (both 24%).

Income & Spending

The dominant household income level for Marpole area residents is $50,000-$59,999. This figure is significantly lower than Vancouver and Metro Vancouver (both $100,000-$124,999). As a result, the average annual expenditure per household ($78,145) is lower than Vancouver ($84,710) and Metro Vancouver ($87,106).


Marpole’s building mix of 87 commercial properties comprises small one- and two-storey older buildings and four-storey mixed use buildings. The BIA features four types of zoning: C-2 (72%), C-1 (18%), CD-1 (9%), and C-2C (<1%). 100% of the BIA’s floor space (331,000 sq. ft.) is dedicated to commercial use.


One of Vancouver’s oldest residential neighbourhoods, more than 54% of Marpole’s housing stock was built before 1981. The dominant dwelling type in the area is apartments (72%), lower than Vancouver (80%) but higher than Metro Vancouver (58%).


The Marpole Library is centrally located at the heart of the BIA. There are also four parks within close walking distance: Marpole Park, William Mackie Park, Shannon Park and Riverview Park. Metro Theatre has been providing live performances in the area for more than 55 years.

Business Mix

177 business are located within the Marpole BIA. Retail is the dominant business type (32%) at much higher levels than Vancouver (18%) and Metro Vancouver (10%). Accommodation & food service (20%), and health care & social assistance (13%) are the other most common business types.

Commercial Business Size

The Marpole BIA is primarily comprised of micro businesses (60%) and small businesses (35%). The largest reporting employers are Safeway, Vancouver Red Star Seafood Restaurant, Royal Bank of Canada and United Chinese Community Enrichment Service Society.


Business opportunities, based on market demand, could include restaurants (other than Chinese and sushi), a bakery/café, incubator-type businesses, preschool and daycare services. Lease rates are around $19 per sq. ft. for ground floor retail. Vacancy rates are currently low.