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Population by Age

13,619 people live within the Point Grey BIA catchment area. A family-oriented neighbourhood, Point Grey has higher prevalence of residents under 20 years of age (22%) and over 65 years of age (19%) than Vancouver and Metro Vancouver.

Language & Ethnic Origins

English is the dominant language spoken in the home (76.1%) at higher levels than Vancouver (66.4%) and Metro Vancouver (66.5%). While Mandarin is the second most common language in the home (11%), the BIA area is home to fewer residents of Chinese origin (24%) than Vancouver (28%).

Family Structure

Of the 5,585 households in the Point Grey catchment area, 66% are families. This figure is higher than Vancouver (57%) but lower than Metro Vancouver (71%). Point Grey also has more families with more than one child (34%) compared to Vancouver (26%) and Metro Vancouver (32%).

Education & Occupation

Point Grey area residents are highly educated, with 54% earning at least a Bachelor’s Degree. In fact, 27% have a degree above the bachelor level, which is significantly higher than Vancouver (14%) and Metro Vancouver (11%). The dominant occupation for residents is in education, law, social, community and government services (22%).

Income & Spending

Point Grey has a very wealthy population base, with more than 29% of households earning over $150,000. This is significantly higher than Vancouver (15.5%) and Metro Vancouver (16.7%). Average annual expenditure per household ($141,676) is also significantly higher than Vancouver ($84,710) and Metro Vancouver ($87,106).


The entire Point Grey BIA is zoned as C-2, which emphasizes pedestrian-oriented local serving commercial developments. 95% of business floor space in the BIA is commercial and 5% is industrial.


Point Grey contains significantly more single-detached houses (42%) than Vancouver (15%) and Metro Vancouver (29%). The majority of BIA area residents are homeowners (62%) and a large proportion of the housing stock was built prior to 1960 (42%).


Close to Jericho Beach, Locarno Beach and Spanish Banks, Point Grey is well connected to Metro Vancouver via the 99 B-Line rapid bus service.

Business Mix

Point Grey BIA is home to 143 businesses that are primarily retail (34%) and accommodation & food service (20%). Health care and social assistance businesses account for 17% of all businesses, much higher than Vancouver (11%) and Metro Vancouver (10%).

Commercial Business Size

Most businesses in the Point Grey BIA are micro-businesses (65%) and small businesses with 5-20 employees (28%) The BIAs largest employers are Mix the Bakery, Tim Hortons, Burgoo Bistro and Kin’s Farm Market.


Business opportunities, based on market demand, could include nighttime restaurants and eateries, higher-end pubs, and natural food stores. Lease rates remain competitive, at $28 per sq. ft. for ground floor commercial; with vacant spaces available for lease.