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Population by Age

A booming neighbourhood, approximately 28,000 people live in the South Granville catchment area, a population increase of 7.8% from 2011-2016. The average age (43) is higher than Vancouver and Metro Vancouver (both 41).

Language & Ethnic Origin

English is by far the dominant household language (87%), significantly higher than Vancouver (66%) and Metro Vancouver (67%). South Granville residents report predominantly Western European ancestry, with 90% identifying as English, Scottish, Irish or German.

Family Structure

The South Granville catchment area is home to 16,380 households. 41% of these are families, a much lower figure than Vancouver (57%) or Metro Vancouver (71%). As a result, the number of persons per household (1.7) is lower than city (2.2) and region (2.5).

Education & Occupation

A well-educated neighbourhood, 55% of South Granville residents have a Bachelor’s Degree or higher. This is significantly higher than Vancouver (41%) and Metro Vancouver (30%). Though sales & service (18%) is the dominant occupation, it’s at much lower levels than Vancouver and Metro Vancouver (both 24%).

Income & Spending

The dominant household income range for South Granville residents is $100,000-$124,999. The average annual expenditure per household ($84,513) is similar to Vancouver ($84,710) and Metro Vancouver ($87,106).


The BIA is primarily zoned C-3A, a zoning designation that emphasizes commercial activities while preserving the residential character of the area. 100% of business floor space in the BIA is licensed as commercial space.


There are approximately 16,400 homes in the South Granville catchment area, most of which are apartments (93%); this is higher than Vancouver (80%) and Metro Vancouver (58%). The area also has a higher proportion of renters (61%) compared to city (53%) and region (36%).


In addition to some of the city’s finest shopping, South Granville offers stunning views of the North Shore mountains and amenities like the Firehall Library, Stanley and Pacific Theatres. It’s also within walking distance of Granville Island.

Business Mix

387 businesses operate in South Granville. Retail is the dominant industry (37%), higher than Vancouver (18%) and Metro Vancouver (10%). With smaller parcel sizes, the BIA is home to more “boutique” rather than big-box businesses.

Commercial Business Size

88% of all businesses in South Granville employ less than 20 people. The largest employers include Chapters Indigo, Shoppers Drug Mart, branches of several major banks and Pottery Barn.


Business opportunities, based on market demand, could include: another large-format grocery store, healthy food retailers, bakery, greater availability of patio space. The incoming Millennium Line Broadway extension is creating significant interest in the BIA. Lease rates are competitive, at $28-$65 per sq. ft.