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Population by Age

The Sunset on Fraser BIA residential catchment area is home to 90,661 residents. Primarily families with children, there are proportionately more children (20%) than Vancouver (16%) and fewer people aged 20 to 34.

Language & Ethnic Origins

English is the dominant language used in the home by residents (49.9%) but this figure is significantly lower than Vancouver (66%) and Metro Vancouver (67%). Cantonese is the second most used language in the home (15%) and Chinese is the most common ancestry reported (35%), followed by East Indian (16%) and Filipino (14%).

Family Structure

79% of households in the Sunset on Fraser BIA residential catchment area are families, higher than Vancouver (57%) and Metro Vancouver (71%). This is reflected in the larger household sizes (3.0 persons) than typical for Vancouver (2.2 persons).

Education & Occupation

32% of residents have at least some university education, lower than Vancouver (43%) but in line with Metro Vancouver (34%). The most common occupation for Sunset on Fraser area residents is in sales & service (32%).

Income & Spending

The dominant household income bracket for Sunset on Fraser area residents is $100,000-$124,999. With average incomes ($41,450) lower than both Vancouver ($51,607) and Metro Vancouver ($46,821), there is likely a higher share of dual-income working families here.


Sunset on Fraser has only one zoning type (C-2) and the area is home to older one/two-storey buildings, with a few three/four-storey mixed-use buildings at key intersections. All of the licensed floor space in the BIA is used for commercial purposes.


The primary dwelling for residents is apartments (75%), which is lower than Vancouver (80%) but higher than Metro Vancouver (58%). Home ownership is higher in Sunset on Fraser (58%) compared to the rest of the city (47%).


The BIA is home to the Sunset on Fraser Library and Sunset on Fraser Neighbourhood Centre. Nearby parks include MacDonald Park and Memorial South Park. The BIA is also walking distance to the eastern entrance to Queen Elizabeth Park.

Business Mix

249 businesses operate in Sunset on Fraser, representing growth of 2% from 2011-2016. The dominant business types are retail (33%) and accommodation & food service (18%). Both are at significantly higher levels than the city and region.

Commercial Business Size

Most businesses (68%) are classified as micro-businesses with less than five employees. However, the presence of several banks and restaurants help to account for the 28% of businesses that employ 5-20 staff.


Business opportunities, based on market demand, could include European restaurants, clothing boutiques, toy and pet shops, a cheese shop. Lease rates for ground floor commercial range from $21.50 to $23 per sq. ft.