Want to Write for Bizmap?

Interested in contributing a blog to Bizmap? We are happy to produce relevant blog content from locally based writers. Here’s how the process works.

What We Want

No matter your area of expertise, we’re seeking a wide range of knowledgeable business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, and industry experts to write informative, insightful and interesting blogs.

If you’ve ever wanted to share your thoughts and ideas with BC’s thriving entrepreneurial community, this is your big chance!

Please Note: Bizmap is a Canadian website, we therefore only accept content from CANADIAN residents.

What You Receive

  • Author Byline: You will receive a byline
  • Our Following: Blogs we publish on the Bizmap website may be shared across social media by Small Business BC; helping to grow awareness of your business with our engaged audience.

Our Blog Guidelines

For the purposes of our SEO (search engine optimization) and yours, we insist that all content written for Bizmap is original and unique to our website. Ideally, a blog written by you would create a narrative based on personal business experiences that will provide helpful information for entrepreneurs to apply to their own business. The focus should always be on offering educational content for the reader in a friendly, welcoming, and knowledgeable fashion.

Please note, while the blog is meant to express real life experiences, content should be informative and relevant to the local small business community.

Content Guidelines:

  • Friendly, professional and written in first person
  • Includes clear, purposeful and educational information relevant to entrepreneurs and small business
  • Examples are encouraged when suitable
  • Between 300-600 words
  • Uses subheadings to break up content
  • Uses short paragraphs and bullet points
  • Content is unique to Bizmap
  • Does not include the promotion, direct sale, endorsement or link back to a specific product, service or business

Please Note: Bizmap retains the right to edit, update or remove submitted articles at any time.

Write for Us

If you’d like to contribute your business expertise to Bizmap, Contact Us.