Looking for help with Bizmap? Here are answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Who can benefit from using Bizmap data?

What are the enhanced features of the new BizMap?

What are the sources used for Bizmap and how current is the data?

How often will the data be updated?

What is the purpose of comparing neighbourhoods?

What is a Business Improvement Association (BIA)?

What is the difference between a BIA boundary and a market area/catchment area boundary?

Why is the demographic data the same for Downtown Vancouver, Gastown and Robson?

How do I find out more about a BIA, or locating my business in their neighbourhood?

Do I need to be a BIA to participate in Bizmap?

What does is cost to get Bizmap for my community?

Are sponsorship opportunities available? How do I place an ad on the Bizmap site?

How do I get my real estate listing included in the neighbourhood list?

How can I contribute to the blog?

Where can I find further details on the data?

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